Digital Waivers

Gather liability releases and collect customer information, without wasting staff time.
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Online Waivers Made Easy

Go paperless, and save valuable time at check-in.

Digitally collect signatures, and have customers individually agree to important policies. Make custom waivers for different offerings, and offer versions for minors.

Gather important customer data as part of your waivers, completing missing profile information. Ask more detailed questions and fill in the blanks that will help guide future marketing efforts.

Use multiple waivers in combination to provide general policies, along with any additional items that you need your customers to agree to.

Easily pull up completed waivers with their dates, times, and version.
Prompt customers to re-sign waivers after a set time or a new version.
Customers can complete waivers on a tablet in shop or remotely.
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Waivers Completed Early

Get customers to do their waivers when they book.

Helmbot actually gets customers to complete their waivers ahead of time. It prompts them to fill it out when they schedule, in confirmations, and reminders.

If customers do need to complete a waiver in shop, they can do it with one click from their own phone, or from any device in your shop.

You can set different security thresholds for identity verification, both remotely and in-person, depending on what your legal requirements are.

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