Software for Cryotherapy Scheduling

HelmBot is way more than just a scheduling solution for cryotherapy.

It’ll preserve your time and energy while bringing in bookings around the clock.
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Your Time is Precious

HelmBot Gives You More of It

In the beginning, we asked ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to have booking software that covers its own cost simply in the time it saves you on a daily basis?”

We did some thorough market analysis and found out that: “Yes. That would be super cool.”

So that’s what we set out to create.

HelmBot will automate your cryo scheduling. Your customers can easily book appointments, sign waivers, and receive email and text reminders, all without you lifting a finger.

HelmBot will put powerful business tools at your fingertips, including robust reporting and data analytics, customizable email marketing, and personalized alerts and notifications.

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HelmBot = More Appointments

Get new clients, improve retention, and reduce cancellations!

As owners of a wellness center ourselves, we understand that the most helpful thing a scheduling software can do is to pack your schedule.

HelmBot is designed to maximize your appointments. They say, “You can lead a horse to a schedule, but you can’t make it book.” HelmBot can. HelmBot knows how to speak horse.

HelmBot delivers auto-emails to customers and ex-members who haven’t been in for a while, encouraging them to come back in.

HelmBot has robust reports and analytics, so you can target your marketing campaigns to precise subsegments of your customer list.

Set up a referral program to reward existing customers for bringing in new cryotherapy clients and convert happy customers directly into new business.

HelmBot auto-emails customers who started the scheduling process but didn’t complete it. Never worry about a dropped booking again.

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So, So Much More

Like, seriously, a lot more.

HelmBot goes far beyond software for scheduling appointments. It’s an all-in-one solution to run your business. You can ditch your other software and bring everything in house, allowing you to simplify, streamline, and save some moolah.

Customizable waivers and automation to encourage signing pre-appointment
Memberships will help you easily boost your customer retention.
Multi-location support. We’re ready for you to grow. And grow and grow.
Order and Inventory management will bring order to your ordering.
A Smart Employee Handbook that will notify your staff of any updates you make.
Shift schedule that handles the complexities so that you don't have to.

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Designed in Collaboration with Cryotherapy Businesses

We know from running our own wellness business that software can only make your life easier if it knows the right problems to solve.

That’s why our feature development is guided by the everyday realities of running a cryotherapy business.

We work closely with existing cryotherapy businesses to strategically create the features they want the most.

In fact, when you become one of our clients, you’ll have a tool built directly into your account to easily send us your feature ideas!

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Our Cryotherapy Clients Dig Us

And we love ‘em back

We love what we do, because we're helping real people run their businesses. And they, in turn are providing amazing services to their customers – who are getting help when they need it, and finding ways to care for themselves and improve their lives.

I’d have to say you have been the most helpful business I have ever worked with! I really appreciate all of the technical support and kind emails!
Selena Whitton
Insideout Wellness | Hunter Valley, Australia
This booking system is very user friendly with plenty of error proof options to guide the user and to correct mistakes! We are SO HAPPY that we chose to use HelmBot.
Sarah Floyd
Serenity Now | O'Fallon, Missouri

Customers are raving about the ease of booking online and being in control of their own accounts. Simply put - it's easy for everyone to use. We can't imagine using any other multifaceted platform!
Juan Casias
Float Los Alamos | Los Alamos, New Mexico
The service from you guys is absolutely phenomenal. Just some feedback
Dave Nelson
Inside U | Sacramento, California

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