Memberships Done Right

Recurring billing, shared accounts, reactivation campaigns, and more tools to drive consistent income to your business.
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Keep Customers Returning

Sign up new members and keep them enrolled.

HelmBot handles recurring billing, multiple credit card storage, and even resolves rejected payments without effort on your part.

Create different memberships with a range of possible models. Setup minimum time commitments, unlimited access passes, custom expirations, and more.

Create both public and private membership offers.
Set different initial and recurring prices for individual members.
Offer memberships in all system generated emails to non-members.
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Advanced Membership Tools

Give your members a true VIP experience.

Attach special discount codes to give members better rates on services, a percentage off of retail, and other perks.

Have your members drive more business by giving them access to a member-specific referral program.

HelmBot can offer special treatment to your members. Allow them to book without initially paying, since you can always charged their stored credit card.

You can also provide them access to future appointments not yet available to the public.

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