Digital Employee Handbook

Keep your staff trained and knoweldgeable on your business with an online guide.
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Organize Your Knowledge

And make sure everyone is kept up to date.

Store your best practices and company policies all in one place. Easily add new sections and subsections, reorganize them, and search through your entire guide.

Mark updates as required reading and HelmBot will automatically prompt your team to read and acknowledge the new language in your handbook. An HR dream come true!

Add linked reference materials and videos to sections.
Review the last time each section was updated for compliance.
Choose who is allowed to make changes to your employee handbook.
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Get Smart with Your Knowledge

Reference handbook entries when they're needed the most.

Integrate your employee handbook with your tasks. For example, you can setup a recurring task to clean your HVAC ducts every 3 months, and show the current instructions from your employee manual.

In addition to tasks, you can link handbook entries to shop metrics, which will show instructions to your staff when they're most useful.

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