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Automated scheduling tools that save you hours of admin work every single week.
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Staff Scheduling Made Easy

Quickly create, copy, and modify schedules.

Employees and practitioners can set their own availability, which allows you to see who can work each shift and what their preferences are.

Monitor scheduled hours for each employee. View the impact of your changes in real time to balance the workload and avoid unnecessary overtime.

Timecards for employee hour tracking. Quickly view, edit, and export timeclock entries for each pay period to simplify your payroll.

Drag-and-drop shifts, see potential issues in real time
Copy shifts from previous weeks to easily create new schedules.
Separate schedules for practitioners, office staff, and any other roles.
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Autonomous Schedule Management

Reduce your time adjusting schedules.

Shift Trades allow members of your team to post full or partial scheduled shifts for other members to claim. HelmBot even keeps staff within set hour limits.

Empowering your staff to manage their own replacements for shifts without going through you saves a huge amount of time.

Vacation requests notify you when an employee would like to take time off and if they have any overlapping scheduled shifts. Approve or reject the vacation with a click.

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