Multiple Location & Franchise Support

Manage appointments, staff, and finances across any number of locations.
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Designed for Large Organizations

Organize large teams across many locations.

Robust permission settings let you grant nuanced control over specific locations, while allowing admins the ability to view and manage everything on a higher level.

Manage dozens of locations with enterprise controls. Quickly gather cross-location data on sales and customers, and easily share resources and communications across them all.

Allow customers to use service credits and memberships at any location.
Create company wide or location specific sales and discounts.
Easily schedule customers at other locations when one is full.
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Every Penny Counts

Track where your revenue is coming from, and where it's going.

Reconcile purchases, gift cards, and appointments between locations. HelmBot provides convenient reports on what each of your locations "owes" to the others.

We offer a large multi-location discount for every location that joins HelmBot after the first.

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