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Keep your schedule full, without even realizing someone cancelled.
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Full Days & Happy Customers

HelmBot handles your whole waitlist for you.

Customers can add themselves to a waitlist for any range of times and services. Staff can manually adjust the waitlist, including setting priorities for different customers.

When time on the schedule opens up, HelmBot will automatically text or email people on the waitlist to fill the empty appointments.

HelmBot messages customers in order, and waits several minutes before reaching out to the next one to keep things fair. HelmBot won’t bother (or inspire jealousy in) anyone lower on the waitlist.

Manage waitlist entries for any number of your customers.
Create waitlist entries for a single day, or across many days.
HelmBot begins reaching out as soon as there’s an opening.
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Saving Time & Making Money

An active waitlist has a big impact on your bottom line.

HelmBot filling even one vacancy per week can make you more in a month than the cost of your Helm subscription. This is especially true for small or very busy businesses..

Filling a canceled appointment can come down to a matter of minutes. Helmbot reaches out and patches holes in your online schedule before you knew anything was wrong.

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