Advanced Text Messaging (SMS)

Stay in touch with customers and staff by directly messaging their phones.
Booking Software
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Reminders & Confirmations

Get your messages seen, and your customers to show up.

HelmBot automatically sends text message reminders for appointments, in addition to sending email reminders.

Customers can confirm their appointments from their phone. Save staff time on call-aheads if they confirm through a text instead.

Customers can easily access your contact information through text.
Customers can check your schedule and book, directly by text message.
Opt-out requests and privacy settings are taken care of by HelmBot.
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Staff Text Messaging Tools

Convenient texting utilities to use on the job.

Send gift cards and discounts with a quick text message. This is incredibly handy when you run into a friend or influencer that you want to treat to one of your services.

Optionally allow staff to clock in and out easily via text message. HelmBot will note of this in their timesheet entry.

Think of a quick task or a note while you’re on the go? Create tasks, post to the shop logbook, and more – all with the ease of a text message.

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