Online Appointment Scheduling

Good scheduling software makes the whole booking process feel like magic.
Booking Software
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Bam! You’re Booked!

Booking so simple that a monkey (with a smartphone) could use it.

Mobile friendly – customers can schedule and pay on the go.
Scan openings on a calendar, or search for specific spots.
Customers can easily book groups and multiple appointments.
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HelmBot Has Your Back

Catch problems before they become problems.

Get alerted when you’re booking in a customer with special needs.

Easily see the customer history and past member status.

Catch missing data or likely issues right when they book.

Apply one-off discount codes to appointments ahead of time.
Appointments are color-coded by how long checkout should take.
Easily exchange credits or pay with someone else’s account.
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Get Rid of Your No-Shows

Reducing missed appointments puts money in the bank.

Automatically text and email customers to remind them of reservations.

HelmBot will prompt you to call ahead if they haven’t confirmed their appointment.

Optionally require pre-payment or a stored credit card to book online.

Flag that dude who last-minute cancels as ALWAYS needing to prepay for appointments.

HelmBot is very user friendly, not only for employees, but for the customer making an appointment. The reports are easy to create and allow the center owner to stay on top of everything.
Jeanne Mills
Ocean Elements | Ocean City, MD
Thanks for creating and continuously building this application. It absolutely makes our lives easier and the support is amazing. Cheers guys, you're doing fantastic work.
Jamie Philips
Modern Gravity | Edmonton, Nevada
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And That's Just the Beginning...

Here are just a few of our advanced scheduling features.


Your customers will rarely have to fill out a waiver in person – they’ll have already been prompted by HelmBot to take care of it on their phone or computer before they come in.

Easily require waiver re-completions, use different waivers for different services, and use any tablet for easy in-person waivers.

Referral Programs

Design referral programs with unique discount codes for your customers to share. Lavish them with rewards in the form of free services or account credit when they bring you new customers.


Allow customers to share their service credits with others. Since customers have some crazy requests, HelmBot is crazy accommodating: easily set sharing limits based on the type of service, the number of credits, or a date range.

Smart Discount Codes

We all have people who we make special arrangements for in our business – from national sports stars to our mothers.

Attach discount codes to customer accounts and they will automatically get the discount when booking or purchasing online or in the shop (your mother will be so proud).

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Explore All of HelmBot's Features

Online Appointments are Just the Beginning.

Appointment Scheduling
Robust online scheduling for services and practitioners.
Point of Sale
Sell services and products easily, and take payments in-person and online.
Customer Management
Track visits, sales, notes, referrals, contact info, and more.
Staff Scheduling
Schedule & trade shifts, track hours & overtime, and manage staff availability.
Marketing Automation
Automate special offers and member pitches before and after appointments.
Recurring billing, custom discounts, and easy member management.
Project Management
One-off and recurring tasks in projects keep your business organized.
Get notified of comments and posts on customers, tasks, sales, and more.
Custom Reports
Drill down into your data for detailed customer and sales insights.
Auto Waitlist
Allow customers to join a waitlist that texts them with new availability.
Send & track waivers, and use a tablet for in-person completion.
Orders & Inventory
Track orders & sales, and get notified when inventory is low.
Manage all of your locations, sharing customers, sales history, and more.
Text Messaging
Reminders, confirmations, and even the ability to text out gift cards on the fly.
Gift Cards
Easily sell gift cards in your shop or in your online store.
Employee Guide
Make your employee manual accessible, searchable, and updatable.