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Easily process all sales, take any form of payment, and enjoy low credit card rates.
Booking Software
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Quick, Easy, and Intuitive

Customers and staff love checking out through the Helm.

HelmBot online payments are created to get conversions – get your customers through checkout in style, with as few clicks as possible.

HelmBot’s in-shop POS system quickly guides you through transactions with predictive product, service, and discount code selection.

Every action in every sale is saved, so you won't lose data.
Take any payment type (even barter) or combination of payment types.
Setup recurring payments to auto-bill your customers with stored cards.
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Low Rates, Fewer Issues

Decrease Your Processing Rates and Increase Your Bookings.

We've negotiated very low group processing rates and we have great support for any payment issues. Keep more from each transaction and save time handling errors.

HelmBot will automatically contact customers with payment issues to help them resolve it – if Helm still can’t process a payment, it will let your staff know there’s a problem.

Smart online checkout with lots of options. Choose between customers storing a credit card to book online or require full payment, and allow trusted clients to pay when they come in.

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