We Can Import Your Data

HelmBot is set up to transfer all of your existing data over, without you missing a single day of business.
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Switching to HelmBot

"HelmBot is awesome. So much easier than what I had been using!"

Alex Ziegler
Northwest Float Center | Tacoma, Washington

Imports are free (for a limited time). There is only a small deposit, which will be applied to your first months of subscription payments.


We generally spend several weeks on an import, and we manually review all of your data for accuracy.

Full Data Imports

We have full support to import from MindBody, Booker, Wellness Living, and Acuity. For any other software we can generally import your customer list, and often we can do a custom import of more data for a small fee.

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We Get it All

No appointment left behind!

The first import we had to do was for our own wellness center, so we know how important it is to bring every last bit of data over.

We've spent years refining our importers since then, and our process has gotten both streamlined and comprehensive.

From the software we have full import support for, we can bring over:

Customer Info
Unused Service Credits
Past Sales Data
Past Appointments
Future Schedule
Gift Cards

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The Import Process

or “Learning to Love Your Software Again”

- Step 1 -
You get your brand new Helm
That way you can start setting up and learning the system right away!
- Step 2 -
We export data from your current software
We’ll securely bring over everything that we can, sales, appointments, credits, gift cards, notes...
- Step 3 -
We review your data with you
We’ll start by doing a test import so we can make sure everything looks right. We can even clean up your data in the process.
- Step 4 -
You choose a date to make the switch
We’ll start your import after your shop is closed for the night, and you’ll be up and running before you open the next morning.
- Step 5 -
You wake up and life is better!
Colors look brighter, flowers smell nicer, and your customers will be thrilled by your new streamlined booking process.

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Over 25% of our Existing Clients Have Been Imported

And they're loving it

Customers are raving about the ease of booking online and being in control of their own accounts. Simply put - it's easy for everyone to use. We can't imagine using any other multifaceted platform!
Juan Casias
Float Los Alamos | Los Alamos, New Mexico
The HelmBot team ensured a seamless transition from our previous booking solution. The Helm team transferred our data overnight, resulting in an instant upgrade for our staff and clients.
Neal Smock
Drift | Norman, Oklahoma

The decision to switch from our previous POS system to HelmBot was pretty easy. Our primary concern was data migration - there is lot of work that goes into switching systems, and much to our absolute pleasure, the guys at HelmBot did it all for us, and they even cleaned things up and organized it so that it was better than it was before.

Now that we've made the transition, HelmBot has essentially paid for itself in how much easier it makes booking and purchasing gift certificates.

Ted O'Neill
Aquafloat | Charlottesville, Virginia

By the time I decided to switch over to HelmBot, I had several thousand clients. Naturally, I had some anxiety about the import from my old system. I was blown away by the efficiency and ease of the transition, which happened overnight and without a hitch.

My staff and clients love how user friendly Helm is, and I couldn’t be happier with the functionality, reporting and customer support. I would definitely recommend making the switch!

Keri Rakickas
Halcyon | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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