Advanced Gift Card System

Gift cards make a lot of money, and with the right tools, they can bring in even more.
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Simple & Flexible Gift Cards

Easy for customers to buy, and easy for staff to sell.

Offer gift certificates online or in-person. Customers can easily order multiple cards at once, for multiple recipients – even from their phones.

Customers can have digital gift cards automatically emailed to recipients. Send immediately, or schedule a specific date and time for gift certificates to go out.

Create gift cards with a cash value, or with specific service credits on them.
“Watch” specific gift card types to get alerted when someone uses them.
Make a large number of cards in-shop, without slowing down checkout.
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Getting Gift Card Details Down

Advanced features that make for smooth operations.

HelmBot automatically generates secure gift card codes which you can write on anything. Go all-digital or offer fancy plastic cards to give out.

Manually override codes, and quickly adjust gift certificates up and down in credit.

Send out digital gift certificates with a quick text message to HelmBot. No need to carry around physical gift cards anymore.

Easily send off free services to influencers when you meet them in person.

Turn present Groupon codes into gift cards to track and redeem them directly in HelmBot. This also works with any 3rd party system selling your services for you, making it possible for customers to easily schedule online with 3rd party codes.

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