Order & Inventory Management

Get notified of shipments, auto-track inventory levels, and more.
Booking Software
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Inventory Management Software

Stay on top of your retail and shop supplies.

Automatically adjust your inventory with every sale and replenishment. Make manual changes to account for usage and shrinkage.

HelmBot algorithms track your average usage rates, and will notify you when you should think about re-ordering.

Monitor your inventory levels and orders from anywhere.
Watch specific products to get notified when they’re sold.
Keep a database of vendors, contact information, and order history.
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Real Time Order Tracking

Stay on top of recurring and one-off orders.

Enter tracking codes to get live order updates directly within the Helm. Follow a package from ordering through delivery.

Staff can mark orders as only partially arrived, if they come in separate deliveries.

Track orders for recurring supplies and retail, and quickly generate one-off orders on the fly.

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