Analytics and
Custom Reports

Monitor data and get alerts on sales, employees, projects, and more.
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Analytics Made to Order

Slice and dice your data – serve it up however you want.

Common business reports are always just a click away. Access customizeable reports and data to dive deeper into your company's performance.

Understandable stats, graphs, and spreadsheet exports. See broad trends in your operations, and drill down to specific sales or customers to help you make informed decisions.

Generate segmented customer lists for improved target marketing.
Get realtime alerts as needed so you're always informed, even on the go.
Track which staff members are producing the best results.
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Data That Makes You Money

Avoid vanity metrics and market more effectively.

HelmBot has deep integrations with Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. These are how you find out if your online ads and marketing efforts are actually leading to sales.

View data that affects your bottom line such as member retention, churn rates, product sales, inventory levels, and even segment customers by geography and demographics.

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