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HelmBot doesn’t just manage your massage appointments.

It saves hours of your time and brings in extra appointments, every single day.
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HelmBot Saves You Time

A lot of time. A life-changing amount of time.

When we were just starting up, we thought to ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be cool if your booking software more than made up its cost, just in the amount of time it saved you each month?”

According to our robust market research, the answer to that question is, “Yes. That would be very cool.”

So... that’s what we designed HelmBot to do.

With HelmBot, over 75% of customers schedule appointments online so your staff is free to focus on the people in your shop.

Practitioners can manage their massage appointments, take payments & tips, set availability, and much more.

Staff members can even trade shifts with each other, without needing you as a begrudging go-between!

Business owners can get insights from analytics, launch marketing programs, set up custom alerts, and manage massage therapists all from their phone and computer.

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HelmBot Increases Your Massage Bookings

Get new clients, improve retention, and reduce cancellations!

As wellness center owners ourselves, we know what's important in software: bringing in more customers.

Our goal is that HelmBot more than pays for itself in the additional massage appointments it brings in.

HelmBot sends auto-emails to remind past customers and ex-members how awesome they felt after your massages.

Customers can add themselves to your waitlist, and HelmBot will automatically text/email them if a massage appointment opens up.

Setup auto-referral programs to reward existing customers for bringing in new massage clients.

Auto-email customers who started scheduling, but didn’t finish. Booking abandonment emails catch problems before they cost you money.

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Cats and Analytics

So easy to use, even your cat loves HelmBot!

We designed HelmBot to be so simple that even your cat could book massage appointments and take payments (as long as your customers are willing to pay in tuna and head scratches).

It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and easy for new massage therapists to pick up. However, the extra features, reports, & integrations go as deep as a data analyst would want to dive.

Shifts, availability, tips, and commissions for massage therapists.
Email and text message reminders for appointments.
Selling and emailing gift cards online (customers can choose a delivery date.)
Waivers for different types of massage & other services
Follow up auto-email campaigns to customers.

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Collaboratively Designed

Because no one knows how to run the massage business quite like massage therapists.

We make tools that are useful for actual businesses in the real world.*

Every new feature we release is vetted and refined in massage businesses all over the globe (including our own center in Portland, OR).

*Assuming we’re not all living in a simulation.

The features in HelmBot are designed with huge amounts of input from massage therapists and wellness center managers.

In fact, if you become one of our customers, you’ll be able to message us directly about new features you want, and get early access to those features to help us refine them.

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Our Massage Customers Love Us

We love you too, Boo.

We love what we do, because we're helping real people run their businesses. And they, in turn are providing amazing services to their customers – who are getting help when they need it, and finding ways to care for themselves and improve their lives.

Customers are raving about the ease of booking online and being in control of their own accounts. Simply put - it's easy for everyone to use. We can't imagine using any other multifaceted platform!
Juan Casias
Float Los Alamos | Los Alamos, New Mexico
We have been working with the Helm and their amazing team for the last 4 years to be able to integrate massage therapists and other wellness practitioners. THANK YOU Helm and team for making at least one thing in my business easy and simple!
Chaz Allen
Healing One | Reno, Nevada

I’d have to say you have been the most helpful business I have ever worked with! I really appreciate all of the technical support and kind emails!
Selena Whitton
Insideout Wellness | Hunter Valley, Australia
The service from you guys is absolutely phenomenal. Just some feedback
Dave Nelson
Inside U | Sacramento, California

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