Advanced Text Messaging (SMS)

Keep your schedule full, and get a lot of extra functionality in the mix.
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Reminders & Confirmations

Get your messages seen, and your customers to show up.

HelmBot automatically sends text message reminders for appointments, in addition to email reminders.

Customers can confirm that they’re coming right from their phone.

To save staff time, the system will mark customers as not needing a call-ahead if they confirm through text message.

Customers can easily access your address through text.
Customers can check your schedule and book, directly by text message.
Opt-out requests and privacy settings are taken care of by HelmBot.
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Staff Text Messaging Tools

A sampling of HelmBot’s convenient texting utilities.

Use text messages to send gift cards with just a quick command from your phone.

This is incredibly handy when you’re out and about and run into a local celebrity or member of the press.

Staff can clock in and out easily from their phones.

HelmBot will make a note of this in their timesheet, and you can even restrict employees to only clocking in from the shop if you want.

Create new tasks, post directly to the shop logbook, and more – all with the swiftness of a text message.

Think of a quick task, or a note to share, while you’re on the go? Just shoot off a quick text message to save it directly to Helm, and make sure you don’t forget anything.

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Online Appointments are Just the Beginning.

Appointment Scheduling
Robust online scheduling for services and practitioners.
Point of Sale
Sell services and products easily, and take payments in-person and online.
Customer Management
Track visits, sales, notes, referrals, contact info, and more.
Staff Scheduling
Schedule & trade shifts, track hours & overtime, and manage staff availability.
Marketing Automation
Automate special offers and member pitches before and after appointments.
Recurring billing, custom discounts, and easy member management.
Project Management
One-off and recurring tasks in projects keep your business organized.
Get notified of comments and posts on customers, tasks, sales, and more.
Custom Reports
Drill down into your data for detailed customer and sales insights.
Auto Waitlist
Allow customers to join a waitlist that texts them with new availability.
Send & track waivers, and use a tablet for in-person completion.
Orders & Inventory
Track orders & sales, and get notified when inventory is low.
Manage all of your locations, sharing customers, sales history, and more.
Text Messaging
Reminders, confirmations, and even the ability to text out gift cards on the fly.
Gift Cards
Easily sell gift cards in your shop or in your online store.
Employee Guide
Make your employee manual accessible, searchable, and updatable.