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Tons of tools to get new customers and keep your current ones coming back.
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Email Automation

Let HelmBot reach out to customers for you.

Customizable Reactivation Emails are automatically sent to customers when they haven't come in for while.

Write emails to be sent for up to 2 years after a visit – the timer will reset after each visit, so your regulars don’t get bothered.

Order Abandonment Emails will go out to customers who stop partway through booking.

Win back lost customers, and automatically notify people who forget to confirm or pay for their appointment.

MailChimp Integration with two-way sync.

For advanced campaign triggers and functionality, HelmBot syncs every important bit of customer data with MailChimp in real time.

Automatically segment mailing lists and send out emails based on any variable you want.

Include a custom membership pitch in all emails (to non-members).
Win members back, or collect info on why they cancelled.
Helm can send text messages, in addition to emails.
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Robust Referral Program

Make every customer a marketing asset.

Setup a default referral program – every customer will get their own custom code, which they can give out to first-timers for a discount at your shop.

HelmBot will track how many people use each code, and reward your customers with free services or account credit.

Private Referral Programs for influencers, employees, or VIPs allow you to arrange custom discounts and rewards for more important referrers.

After you set it up, everything is handled automatically by HelmBot so you don’t need to touch or track anything.

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Analytics & Reports

Figure out what’s working and who’s buying.

Track the effectiveness of Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

HelmBot monitors every action your customers take, so you can track their path from an ad, through your website, all the way to a purchase.

Fast and easy to set up – just paste in a couple codes from Google and Facebook, and you’re done!

Quickly generate customer reports to see your best customers, your closest customers, your regulars who have dropped off… whatever you want to know, HelmBot can show you.

Generate customer lists for email blasts and retargeting ad campaigns.

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Explore All of HelmBot's Features

Online Appointments are Just the Beginning.

Appointment Scheduling
Robust online scheduling for services and practitioners.
Point of Sale
Sell services and products easily, and take payments in-person and online.
Customer Management
Track visits, sales, notes, referrals, contact info, and more.
Staff Scheduling
Schedule & trade shifts, track hours & overtime, and manage staff availability.
Marketing Automation
Automate special offers and member pitches before and after appointments.
Recurring billing, custom discounts, and easy member management.
Project Management
One-off and recurring tasks in projects keep your business organized.
Get notified of comments and posts on customers, tasks, sales, and more.
Custom Reports
Drill down into your data for detailed customer and sales insights.
Auto Waitlist
Allow customers to join a waitlist that texts them with new availability.
Send & track waivers, and use a tablet for in-person completion.
Orders & Inventory
Track orders & sales, and get notified when inventory is low.
Manage all of your locations, sharing customers, sales history, and more.
Text Messaging
Reminders, confirmations, and even the ability to text out gift cards on the fly.
Gift Cards
Easily sell gift cards in your shop or in your online store.
Employee Guide
Make your employee manual accessible, searchable, and updatable.