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Your Best Friend

HelmBot is like having 10 different software systems, all in one.

Can I just say that HelmBot is so easy to use, and so in-depth, and so well-thought out that every time I use it I marvel at the system of individual working parts.
Greg Ellis
Weightless | Louisville, Kentucky
I have to tell you... I've worked for multi-billion dollar companies, and I've never dealt with such a great system. It is amazing!
Gloria Morris
Float Sixty | Chicago, Illinois

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Powerful and Intuitive.

HelmBot manages a lot, but is incredibly easy to use.

Just want to say I really, really love the Helm and have been singing its praises. It's super intuitive.
Michael Garrett
Reboot | San Francisco, California
This booking system is very user friendly with plenty of error proof options to guide the user and to correct mistakes! We are SO HAPPY that we chose to use HelmBot.
Sarah Floyd
Serenity Now | O'Fallon, Missouri
THANK YOU Helm and team for making at least one thing in my business easy and simple!
Chaz Allen
Healing One | Reno, Nevada
This is really well designed software that is clearly informed by operational knowledge and doesn't have any bloat.
Steven Fan
Hedron Technology | Portland, Oregon

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Dedicated Support Team

You'll be assigned a small team to handle all of your questions.

The support is amazing, and every time you respond to any of the ideas that are thrown at you reminds me how badass the people working on this program are. Cheers guys, you're doing fantastic work.
Jamie Phillips
Modern Gravity | Edmonton, Alberta
What continues to blow us away is the customer service. Any time we have a question or problem we've received an answer immediately. Easily one of the greatest companies we've ever worked with!
Kymberlee Lisk
Ebb & Float | Columbus, Ohio
The Helm is amazing. Their team is always a pleasure to work with, and they're constantly improving the software. We'll be HelmBot users for life!
Matt Soper
The Float Experience | Temecula, California
The program is a great one to use, but the staff behind the program go above and beyond to help out. I am not a very technically knowledgeable person, but the staff with HelmBot are incredible to work with. Thank you Helm.
Brent Giroux
R.E.S.T. Centre | Whitby, Ontario

Switching to Helm

We can transfer your information when you switch over from other software.

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Features Based on YOUR Needs

HelmBot is custom designed for each industry.

We Create Features Our Customers Want

HelmBot embraces the fact that every business has unique needs. We know this all too well from running our own, needy, brick and mortar shop.

Over the years, we’ve grown to support all kinds of businesses. More than that, we’ve developed precise tools to help with the strange needs of each industry we go in to.

We seek out feedback from our customers, and we like our development process to be a conversation with the businesses aboard HelmBot. We prioritize the most requested features, and we set aside time every week to implement small improvements that people suggest.

We never stop developing and refining our features – HelmBot is getting better every day.

Day Spas
... and many more!
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You Deserve Software You Love

Here's a sampling of nice notes our customers have sent us.

Seriously... this software rocks! You guys have done an amazing job. Helm is so ridiculously functional! (Especially when compared to the beyond stupid and barely functional "other" software that is out there!) Our Center has never been so organized!!! I don't even know where to start or what else we can say! Weeee!
Lindsay Reinhardt
Anicca Float Club | Naperville, Illinois
The decision to switch from our previous POS system to HelmBot was pretty easy. The folks at HelmBot know the pain that float centers have in trying to work with one-size-fits-all systems such as Booker or MindBody. Our primary concern was data migration - there is lot of work that goes into switching systems, and much to our absolute pleasure, the guys at HelmBot did it all for us, and they even cleaned things up and organized it so that it was better than it was before.

Now that we've made the transition, HelmBot has essentially paid for itself in how much easier it makes booking and purchasing gift certificates.

If anyone would like to talk to us about our experience before/after switching to Helm, we would happily serve as a reference.
Ted O'Neill
Aquafloat | Charlottesville, Virginia
Your team has created a great program. I'm probably only using maybe 5% and I love it. I can't wait to use it in our next bigger centre. You guys & girls are a great team. THANK YOU.
Brent Giroux
R.E.S.T. Centre | Whitby, ON, Canada
We can't imagine using a booking software other than HelmBot! From day one they've been helpful and available to us. Months before we opened, HelmBot hosted us in a virtual tour of the system and setup, and our representative was incredibly responsive and patient every time we asked for a refresher as we learned the many functions the Helm offers. In the 14 months we've been open, HelmBot has continued to provide outstanding support any time we have a question.

We're so happy to be working with a company that knows our industry so well- it's super convenient to have all our internal systems looped into our scheduler and store! Our customers also find the system easy to use, which is integral given how many of them purchase and book online. Probably the best part of HelmBot, though, is they actively ask how they can be better. An already excellent company committed to their growth is a company we love working with!
Michelle Larson
SYNC | Park City, UT
HelmBot is awesome. Thank you so much for creating this. Overall, I'm really enjoying it. Helm's intuitive, I like the UI, and there are a few things that have made me particularly happy--for example, logging in and viewing my own page with tasks assigned to me. This will really help me stay organized, OmniFocus style, but integrated into my I will actually use it.
Sandra Calm
Float Shoppe | Portland, OR
We have been using the HelmBot for 3 months, it has made our life so much easier. Thanks guys! We can get help whenever we need from the amazing team.
Jaci Farrell
Float Swan Valley | Perth, Australia
It is an absolute pleasure to have our centre synced up with the HelmBot. The custom software system allows us to seamlessly organize everything in this salty little business of ours including customers, sales, staff and water chemistry. The support team at the HelmBot are very receptive and awesome to work with in general!
Jesse Ratner-Decle
Float Toronto| Toronto, ON
HelmBot has been great for us! We find it really easy to use and couldn't see switching to another software. Having everything taken care of in one place is invaluable and keeps the business running smoothly at all times!
Nadeem Jiwani
Float Valley Inc.| Markham, ON
HelmBot is very user friendly, not only for the employee, but for the customer making an appointment. The reports are easy to create and allows the center owner to stay on top of everything they need to run their business successfully.
Jeanne Mills
Ocean Elements Salt Spa | Ocean City, MD
HelmBot is not just a booking software, but a whole ERP system. We've worked in the corporate world with similar systems like Oracle and NetSuite in the past and we can say with confidence that HelmBot is by far the best and most convenient we've used.
Geoffrey Liang
GoFloat Studios | Burlington, ON
Super impressed with the constant improvements you guys do over there. It's always so fun to log on and see that you've found new ways to make life easier. Thank you!
Keri Rakickas
Halcyon | Philadelphia, PA
Just writing to let you know that we've tried out other software, and we realized that you guys are just plain better and cheaper. I see now that you guys are the best and that's why everyone recommends you so highly. We won't be looking at any other options from here on out.
Ken Catton
Headspace | Saskatchewan, Canada
The HelmBot is truly one of a kind software to run your business and is becoming a BIG contender in the business management software realm for the wellness services industry. We have been working with the HelmBot and their amazing team for the last 4 years to be able to integrate massage therapists and other wellness practitioners.

They continue to help figure out our needs and implement them into the HelmBot so all of our practitioners are comfortable and confident in navigating the software. THANK YOU HelmBot and team for making at least one thing in my business easy and simple!
Chaz Allen
Healing One | Reno, NV
I thought [the import] went smooth as could be! You guys did an amazing job! All the info is there, all clients history and such. I have far less calls that ppl can't get the online booking to work. My customers love this over the old system.... I was VERY skeptical that it could transition like it did - but it was wonderful and smooth!
Amanda Johnson
INa+Pod LLC | Reno, NV
Thanks so much! You guys and your customer service rock!
Mike Ruskow
Just Float | Pasadena, CA
You guys are awesome! Can't believe I didn't make this switch much sooner! The response of our tribe to HelmBot has been amazing too. Have all the confidence in the world we made the right decision switching to Helm.
David Rapach
LEVITY | Pittsburgh, PA
HelmBot has been so useful for our business. My “Frankenstein” tracking system before HelmBot was such a nightmare for me, my staff, and my customers. Now, with HelmBot, life at Levity is so much nicer!
Adrian Hope
Levity Float Center | Colorado Springs, CO
HelmBot has been a fantastic addition to our business. My only regret is that I didn't make the switch sooner.
Brandon DeCuir
Life Float | Seattle, WA
I LOVE Helm! There have been a lot of awesome updates to HelmBot recently - keep up the good work!
Jesse Ratner-Decle
Float Toronto| Toronto, ON
It was quickly evident how critical HelmBot is to Cloud 9. It saves me hours with shift scheduling and allows for easy communication between staff members.
Travis McLaren
Cloud 9 | Kalispell, MT
All in all it is a wonderful system and we are really happy we selected it from day one.
Kate Hindmarsh
Liquid Zen | Launceston, TAS, Australia
HelmBot Rocks! Just sayin'. Current favourite: The symbols/colour coding & easy overview of details on the schedule.
Jenny van den Bosch
Liquid Zen | Launceston, TAS, Australia
HelmBot is a ****ing life saver.
Matt Smith
Modern Gravity | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
BTW, everyone from our staff to our guests love the ease of use of HelmBot. Thank you guys for being so awesome.
Anand Sukhadia | Jersey City, NJ
HelmBot is user friendly software, easy to learn and teach, and the support team is always quick to reply should we need assistance or just have a request.
Jade Neiseni
Float Valley Inc.| Markham, ON
I would even say that some days 3/4 of my sales are generated by the Helm. I feel that this program is a must have.
Brent Giroux
R.E.S.T. Centre | Whitby, ON, Canada
Thank you again for all your excellent assistance and understanding!
Amanda Johnson
INa+Pod LLC | Cedar Rapids, IA
Honestly, you guys made that transition crazy smooth. For how much data we had that needed to be migrated, you guys pulled it off very gracefully. [...] I remember that whenever we had questions pop up, your team was always very responsive. We really appreciated your communication and continued helpfulness.
Andrew Lopnow
Float Seattle | Seattle, WA
I was extremely pleased with the patience you all had with our anxiety filled transition. You were all very kind, helpful, and to the point. Couldn't be happier we made the switch and our only regret was we didn't do it sooner.
David Rapach
Levity | Pittsburgh, PA
I absolutely LOVE HelmBot. If there is ever something that I can't figure it, the process to ask questions is super easy and the HelmBot team is very responsive. I've never had an issue getting a response from the team and I've even been shocked to receive answers at all hours of the day/night when I'm expecting an answer the following day.

The software is very user friendly and easy to navigate when someone is looking to purchase a credit or book an appointment. One of the best things I love about HelmBot is that they are consistently asking for feedback and making improvements. Customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend HelmBot to anyone looking for a booking software!!
Drew Kane
New Hampshire Float Therapy | Londonderry, NH
Just a quick email to say that HelmBot is some really superb software. We opened our doors today to a fully booked weekend and the software has made it a piece of cake. Just wanted to say thanks.
Stacey and Dave
Pure Zen | Phillip, Canberra, Australia
HelmBot rocks!!!! Has anyone thanked you guys lately????? As a person who has sold enterprise software and big data consulting for over a decade I can't tell you how much I appreciate this software!
Gloria Morris
Float Sixty | Chicago, IL, Schererville, IN
HelmBot provides an unparalleled, simple to use booking interface for our guests.
Jonathan Roug
Float Light | Appleton, WI
We love the HelmBot! It’s user friendly, efficient and looks beautiful!
Zach Palarmin
Tranquility | Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciated the work you did to convert us over to the Helm. There wasn't a single team member that didn't give us 110%. So rare today to find such a great team of people and today I just wanted to stop and let you know!!
Mark Lesicka
Float Spa San Diego | San Diego, CA
Choosing the right software was at the top of the list for our business. The HelmBot was by far the right choice.
Jonathan Roug
Float Light | Appleton, WI
I wish every company I dealt with had customer service like you guys do, seriously you f**king rock. Thank you so much!
Anthony Gale
Soul Studio | Green River, WY
HelmBot is like having an extra staff member with all the corporate knowledge. It is easy to use and mighty powerful.
Sarah Tisdell
Astral Float Studio | Canberra, Australia
HelmBot is awesome. Every day we're grateful to have it handling our shop.
Aaron Douglas
A Place to Float | Indianapolis, IN
HelmBot is amazing by the way! Extremely easy to use and you guys have thought of everything!
Ross Widdows
Beyond Rest Melbourne | Melbourne, Australia
The HelmBot accommodates the average user looking for simplicity and ease of use while also accommodating several features not found in other CRM’s.
Jonathan Roug
Float Light | Appleton, WI
We can’t imagine a more suitable and efficient booking software. Anytime we have had questions or suggestions on ways to potentially improve the software, the folks at the HelmBot have been more than accommodating. They are constantly making upgrades and adding additional features, which only helps to improve the overall user experience. Highly recommended!
Rian Levick
Ascension | Airdrie, Canada
HelmBot is an amazing program. The UX is unparalleled to any other program I have used. Ever.
Emily Frazee
Capitol | Sacramento, CA
HelmBot is so a life saver! You guys rock, just wanted to give gratitude.
Travis McLaren
Cloud 9 | Kalispell, MT
I really want to say how much I like the Helm. You guys did an awesome job on making something that is versatile and intuitive. In my other job I work for the US Navy and we bought a system from SAP and after 10 years of development and 5 years of running the software it is a train wreck. I find my self thinking at work that I wish this multi million dollar system worked half as good as the Helm.
Eric Slentz
Dissolve | Camp Hill, PA
We've used HelmBot from the start, and it's made our lives so much easier. Great design, super responsive, always improving. Thanks HelmBot!
Geoff Sato
Dream | Honolulu, HI
Thanks for always taking our feedback and ideas into consideration!
Michelle Garrett
Drift | Edmond, OK
There are a few different scheduling softwares out there to choose from. Before opening my location I did not even hesitate to choose HelmBot as my scheduling software. My customers love the simplicity of booking an appointment online. There is so much more to the HelmBot besides scheduling.
Jennifer Wyton
Epic | Lake Zurich, IL
When I was choosing a booking system, what I wanted was the one easiest possible interface for clients to book their own appointments. Never get in the way of people trying to give you money! HelmBot won easily on that score. That it *also* provides a comprehensive front desk, logbook and shop task management system is just gravy.
Colin Roald
Float Boston | Somerville, MA
We have been very happy with our switch to HelmBot. Our Staff loves it. Our customers love it. It’s been great using Helm. If you are thinking about using HelmBot for your center...Do it.
Jack Weaverling
Float Carolina | Waxhaw, NC
Thanks so much for The Helm, we're really loving it!
Amy Harder
Float Harder | Portland, ME
Our guests compliment our business on how easy it was for them to book a reservation.
Jonathan Roug
Float Light | Appleton, WI
We committed to HelmBot, and even though we've only been open a few weeks it is already proving itself to be a worthy investment. I'm notorious for poor handwriting and sticky-notes run amok. The HelmBot makes it easy for me to get my daily measurements into a nice clean database. Customers are raving about the ease of booking online and being in control of their own accounts. Simply put - it's easy for everyone to use. We can't imagine using any other multifaceted platform!
Juan Casias
Float Los Alamos | Los Alamos, NM
The HelmBot is hands down the best booking software. I have used many others over the years and without exception, they all did less than Helm, were difficult to use for clients and staff, they were expensive and had poor tech support. HelmBot does everything I need and more, it's easy to use, and the support staff are fantastic. Don't even consider other options. GET HELM!
Evan Duncan
Float Now | Los Alamos, NM
Thanks again for your patience and kindness it's been such a blessing working with you guys!
David Rapach
LEVITY | Pittsburgh, PA
I love the helm, it has improved our centre immensely, and everyone at HelmBot has always been fantastic.
Evan Duncan
Float Now | Los Alamos, NM
Thank you for your great, easy to follow instructions for the incredibly versatile and user-friendly HelmBot!!! I ❤️ it!!
Sarah Floyd
Serenity Now | O'Fallon, MO
Thanks, again, for always working to make this great program more functional for the industry!
Michelle Garrett
Drift | Norman, OK
Love the HelmBot and your team. Great people-every one of them. I have been boasting to others of my recent conversion. Great product!
Mark Lesicka
Float San Diego | San Diego, CA