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Keepin' it Fresh

We've got a whole new front-end design for your customers!

We've been hard at work over here at the HelmBot shipyard / robot factory working on a big upgrade to your customers' HelmBot experience.

We've gone through every part of the front-facing HelmBot site (Booking, Store, Gift Cards, Customer Profiles, etc) and given it a fresh new look, designed not just to look nicer, but to be more streamlined and easier to use.

We're really excited about this new update, and we'll be rolling it out live to everyone on the morning of July 12th (Pacific time).

There is no immediate action needed on your part, as this will all happen automatically, but there are some new things you'll want to hop on and customize when this goes live on the 12th (read below for the details).

All the existing settings and functionality of your site will stay the same. There is only one tiny setting that was removed during this redesign (the logo tagline), but its removal won't mess up anything on your site.

And now onto the exciting part; check out the new design!

HelmBot Logo

New Customizability

You do you

We've expanded the customizability of your customer-facing Helm site, allowing you to much more thoroughly match the site to your brand.

You can now set a primary color that will be used throughout the site, baked into the design itself, as well as setting your own confirm and alert colors so you can have greens and reds that match your color scheme.

We've also built in the ability to upload an image that will be shown as the header on all of your pages!

What you should do on July 12th:

When this new design goes live on July 12th, the color you currently have set as your background color on your Helm will become the background color of the header. The rest of the colors will be set to our default colors. Your site will be completely usable without you doing anything, but you'll probably want to hop on and customize your colors/image.

On the 12th, you can customize your colors by going to your customer booking page and clicking the "customize" button on the left of the screen.

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Mobile Friendly

Like, best friendly.

We rebuilt the structure of the whole customer-facing site from the ground up to be way super mobile friendly. Every page now dynamically resizes and repositions to fit comfortably on any size screen.

Calendar booking mode will now more gracefully handle small screens, or even lots of rooms shown on large screens, allowing rooms to scroll off to the side of the page. And the best news is that this change will happen on your internal schedule as well, allowing you to more easily navigate a large schedule.

And just so Menu booking mode doesn't feel left out, we've given that a nice face-lift as well.

The Store page has been redesigned to fit perfectly onto a phone screen, and to better display long descriptions on every size of screen.

And the Gift Card page will now vertically display your gift cards on mobile screens, but still email and print out in its horizontal designed format.

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Easier than Ever

Your customers may book more appointments just for the thrill of using the Helm again.

We've kept the same great functionality that has always made HelmBot incredibly easy to use. All of your existing features, settings, and messages are still there, and are designed to stand out even more than ever.

One Tiny Change

There is actually one small thing we had to remove in the new design, the "logo tagline" image that displays underneath your logo on the login screen. Most people were not using it, and it simply did not fit into the new framework.

If you had a tagline image you want to be present throughout your Helm, you can upload a new main logo image with the tagline included in it.

We've even designed a whole new header bar that has your basic business info always present on every screen (address, phone number, and email). And for multi-location businesses, it's now easier than ever for your customers to see which location they're booking at, and to quickly switch to a different one.

And your customers will be thrilled to see their new profile page, streamlined to make all their info easy to see and manage. The new design also makes it more clear to your customers when something is needed from them, like a waiver, a credit card that needs to be updated, or even just missing account info, like a phone number or email.

As a reminder, this new design will automatically roll out on July 12th. If you have any questions now or when it goes live, you can always reach us through the Help & Feedback button in your Helm.

Thanks as always for being excellent, and happy helming!